Dear future us.

2020.5,21,My Love

Are you satisfied with your honeymoon trip? Looking back on this year, every little thing you did for each other. Does it feel like a dream when you find the memory is full load of sweetness and love? You endured loneliness and pain because of the distance. But finally, the romantic story between the prince and the princess has begun a new chapter. Your relationship should be better now. But unfortunately, at this time, you still can’t stay together day and night. I hope this thought and concern become a strong conviction. I believe that lovers will eventually become dependents. I sincerely wish you a happy first anniversary.

2021.5.21,Better Man

Now you should finally live together, right? Really happy for you! It is not easy to make two people to become a family. There are many things that you need to achieve together. But don’t worry, together, you could made it. But do you quarrel from time to time? Lei, you have to remember to let Qiuling more, all your efforts Qiuling will see, she will always support you silently, encourage you, and be proud of you. Qiuling, you have to be brave, and adapt to the new environment as soon as possible. By the way, Vancouver’s spring is beautiful. Remember to take more pictures.

2022.5.21,Happy family

Have you really lived together for a year, are you okay? Will you start to worry about the stress of life? At this time, you should have your own cute baby as planned! Congratulations, you finally have the crystallization of your love. Would you like to ask what it feels like to be a “mon” or “dad”? Do you want to give him the best things in the world at once, or do you ecstatic about the birth of a new life? However, it also comes with a sweet burden and more responsibilities, but it made a complete home, a happy home. no matter how difficult it is in the future, you may love each other, work together, and be happy parents. 

2023.5.21,Our dream house

Do you have sunshine today? Do you still smell the sunshine on the day you get your marriage certificate? Remember your shaking hands when signing at the scene? This is the fourth year of your marriage, I hope what remains unchanged is your desire for beauty and love for life. The model belonging to your family has been formed this year, are you still satisfied? Please take care every little thing to build your dream house. At this moment, you feel each other's love in your warm home, with a cup of tea.

2024.5.21,Get to know each other for 10 years

Come to the fifth year of marriage together and have known each other for ten years! This is most beautiful thing in your life. Do you have any special gifts for this special day? Time has left its traces. Get used to the smell and breath on each other. The relationship is getting deeper level. You have been together for a long time. Don’t forget to create your own private space. Of course, don’t be lazy. Take care of your baby. I heard that he is very cute, when he is running, Quickly, Qiu Ling couldn’t catch up.

2025.5.21,Never forget that you have endless love

Lei, have you ever forgotten to kiss Qiuling’s forehead and say good night to her? When you wake up in the morning, do you still watch her smile and say good morning? Maybe time will make you slowly get used to each other and be busy with work, but please don’t forget to express your feelings often. As the child grows up day by day, there are more and more concerns. She needs more care and care from you, just like children. You must accompany and support each other, because you are the only lifelong companions of each other.

2026.5.21,There is no substitute

It has been circulating for seven years. It means that the seventh year of marriage is very difficult. At this point you have been married for 61344 hours. In the past 61344 hours, you have been happy, blamed, and wronged. You have had major differences and even faced temptation. All kinds of bland life chores will make you disappointed with your marriage. But congratulations, you still come to this day, because the home you worked hard for and the wishes unfinished in your life, and because you still love each other deeply at this time, there is a kind of affection called irreplaceable. Once you have sailed the seven seas doesn’t think much of mere rivers.

2027.5.21,Because I love, because I am loved

The child is growing up, and the parents are getting old. Your relationship is deeper. Don’t forget to always care about your parents. Even you are busy at work, you should not forget to give your parents a call, remember to buy gifts for them. How long have you been home? Don’t forget, and their concern. Every year, try to arrange a period of time to let each other’s parents get along with you and your children for some time. Mostly record the trajectory of life for the children and the elderly, and record every happy and warm moment. These videos or photos will definitely become your precious treasure in the future. Good affection, you should give more love to everyone who loves you.

2028.5.21,Never forget why you started

Sending the child to their parents’ home, keep two people live in world of our own, the life has not been so easy for a long time. Where do you plan to travel this year? Do you still remember the agreement at that time, you should spread your footprints across the five continents of the world and create more wonderful memories that belong to you? What new places have you added to your map now? Qiuling is holding the map every day? Is Huang Lei still looking for travel tips? The world is beautiful, you can travel together. More importantly, because of each other, the journey is no longer lonely. Enjoy the moment, and enjoy the life. 

2029.5.21,Love Forver

Ten years it is a magical word, you should understand: Only two people in love can make a marriage last ten years. If you still have doubts, you can now open your mobile phone, computer, look at previous chats, letters, flip through albums, and look at memos. In the past ten years, you have to undergo various objective changes, and continue to passively choose to accept and adjust. Such as your face looks older, you could feel your body get fat, family member changes, and you might meet your bottleneck of your career. Someone said the life is a trip to meet different person, and said goodbye to the person you loved. You might sad, struggling, and lost your hope. But thank the god, you still have each other, and when you face the difficulty, he or she will be there for you. You have become an inseparable part of each other. There are several decades in a lifetime, so treasure the first decades in your life, and I hope you are the destined covenant of this life. Forever is a long time, but you would not mind spent it with each other.

Wanna Grow Old with You.

And our Story to be continued…..

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